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No matter who you are, where you’re located, or how you want to purchase, ClearShift is here to make vehicle buying enjoyable for everyone! We took the personalized experience of working with a broker, the ease of going to a dealership to view inventory, and tied it together with the best digital tools to connect even the most savvy customers to a great buying experience.

We’ve work hard to ensure that our customers receive a high quality vehicle for an amazing value, and enjoy an experience with no games.



Give and Receive.Β Beyond just a slogan, this is our core belief and behavior in how we do business. This is how we serve the Colorado Front Range and the Rocky Mountain Region with the best purchase experience.Β 

ClearShift is not your average car dealership. We don’t even want to be considered a dealership. We operate on the core behavior of giving and receiving. We literally take any standard business model and flip it upside down! We believe that when you GIVE first everyone benefits. That’s giving you our best price right away. Giving you a transparent look at the vehicle you’re interested in. Giving you a friendly and knowledgable experience with everyone on our team. Giving you the respect, kindeness and love that you deserve because purchasing a vehicle is a big and exciting deal.

Find the right vehicle for you!









Search from a variety of High Quality Vehicles, from any location, right on our website ClearShiftCars.com. We carry over $7 million worth of the nicest, late model, low mileage, clean Carfax, and many 1-owner vehicles. We use data from searches, the manufacturers, and also third-parties such as CarGurus, to stock not only the best vehicles, but vehicles people actually want to purchase.

All of our vehicles go through a quality service and safety inspection and reconditioning detail process to make sure that our customers go home with vehicle they will enjoy and be proud of.

We are very thankful for having had the opportunity to purchase a wonderful car for an excellent value. I can’t imagine the process of buying a car being any easier or any more straightforward. We looked at the same make and model vehicle (Pilot) around the same year (2007,2008,2010 models) at two other dealerships who each had two Pilots and the car at ClearShift was in the best condition.

Patrick M.

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Customer Experience Specialists are your first point of contact with ClearShift. Their only job is to connect with you! Get in touch with us in a way that suites you best. Whether you call us, send us an email, fire off a text, Facebook message us, Craigslist, carrier pigeon, WUPHF us, whatever! Our team of Customer Experience Specialist are ready to help answer any questions you may have about ClearShift, the vehicle you’re interested, or the next steps.









The entire process was Less than 45 minutes. This company and their employees are simply amazing! The best customer service and soooo organized and efficient. We will never visit a dealership again. ClearShift has our business for good.

Monica B.

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Talk to one of our Purchase Guides once you’ve found the right vehicle, and you’re ready for the next steps. Our Purchase Guides are here to, well, guide you!

There is no need these days to spend hours upon hours at a dealership. You also don’t have to go through the circus of waiting to “hear back from a manager”, or the creepy closed-door finance office to purchase a vehicle. At ClearShift, our Purchase Guides are REAL people, who truly care about you finding the right vehicle and taking care of all of the details to ensure a smooth purchase. We stand by our No Games policy, where we are a true one price store, follow fair credit and lending on finance rates, and work to ensure every customer is treated fairly and with respect.

I actually enjoyed the entire experience in working with them and purchasing a new truck. I thought going through a dealer would be what we all have known it to be in the past… however, they made it fun, comfortable and entertaining. No pressure whatsoever – just helpful and they treat you with great respect. I highly recommend purchasing through ClearShift. Excellent outfit and team!

Aaron B.

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Get Financed. Easily!

How will you pay for your next vehicle? At ClearShift it’s easy! Whether you decide to get financing through a lender, or pay cash, our Purchase Guides are here to help take you through the right steps to complete your vehicle purchase.Β 

ClearShift partners exclusively with many of the best lenders in Colorado and Nationwide, so we can get the financing that works best for you. We don’t have any back room finance office, or carnival acts when it comes to financing. We are here to help you in a comfortable and open office environment, or even over the phone.Β  Β 










If there is such a thing as the BEST car buying experience, ClearShift is the only place to go. Honestly, I was skeptical and due to my share of negative experiences. I did my research, knew what I wanted and was prepared to be on the defensive, as a female buying a car alone. Pleasantly, I was treated fairly and with honest, straightforward facts. Financing was even able to beat my already pre-approved rate with my own credit union.Β 

Shanna S.

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Receiving your Vehicle!













This is the fun part! Getting your new vehicle is like no other experience. Whether you are local, out of state, or stuck at home on the couch, receiving your new vehicle purchase from ClearShift will be effortless and exciting! ClearShift partners with third party transportations companies that can deliver your vehicle to your throughour the entire continental United States.

What’s better, is that ClearShift will even cover the first $259 of your transportation, to help make getting behind the wheel of the perfect vehicle even easier for you!

Just purchased a car from 1100 miles away without seeing it; I haven’t received it yet, but I am confident, regardless, thanks to the tireless help with disclosures, on-request video inspections, help obtaining a third part mechanic’s inspection, and shipping arrangements. ClearShift was always prompt, thorough, cheerful, and professional providing an experience just the opposite of what you expect from a used car dealer. Highly recommended!

Kerry G.

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What’s next?

When you’re ready, we’ll be here for you!Β Purchasing a vehicle is a big decision. A new car, truck, or SUV connects you to so many things in life, and the timing has to be right for you. Rest assured, that when you are ready to make a vehicle purchase, ClearShift will be here to make it enjoyable for you!










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