The Do's And Don'ts for buying a Preowned Vehicle

Buying a used car is tricky – lots of things to watch out for. But ClearShift makes the process easy and worry-free. Here’s what to look for and what to avoid when shopping around.

Shady Dealership Tactics To Avoid

  • Price gouging fees and add-ons: Some dealers slap on overpriced extras like extended warranties, preparing/documentation fees and more without clearly disclosing costs upfront to bump up profits.


  • High-pressure sales tactics:
    Beware dealers employing aggressive, manipulative salespeople who badger and guilt you into buying when you aren’t ready.


  • Cars with undisclosed problems or histories: Ensure dealers fully disclose prior accident damage, mechanical issues or functionality problems in writing before you purchase.


  • Dealerships without licensing and credentials: Only buy from reputable dealers with proper state licensing, bonding, business filings. Check for complaints with Better Business Bureaus.

What To Look For

  • Comprehensive vehicle histories & inspection reports: Ask for vehicle history reports from sellers like Carfax and Autocheck along with documentation on mechanical inspections done.


  • Fair market pricing with honest negotiations: Reference pricing guides online to gauge fair market value and negotiate transparently without back-and-forth haggling games.


  • Low-pressure environment with no pushy salespeople:
    Shop without constantly being badgered by aggressive salespeople so you can evaluate vehicles at your own pace.


  • Licensed, certified mechanics on staff: Make sure the dealer has knowledgeable mechanics on hand that can properly evaluate vehicle attributes and needs.

Why ClearShift Stands Out

  • We provide full histories and inspection reports on every vehicle


  • All cars certified to be problem-free and accurately represented


  • Pricing discounted below market value, no hidden fees


  • Our small team focuses on service, not aggressive commissions


  • Proud BBB A+ rating and countless 5-star reviews

We make the used car buying experience smooth, transparent and worry-free for all. Come check out our selection of quality pre-owned vehicles today!